Hi! I’m Carter Landis.

I’m a free/libre and open source software (FOSS) developer interested in data science, cloud technologies, and just having way too many keyboard shortcuts. When I’m not at my computer, I enjoy being outside, reading, and finding new music (my most current obsession is Men I Trust’s 2019 album Oncle Jazz).

Right now, I’m working on Augur, a software plaform for gathering structured trace data about FOSS ecosystems. I also lead the Evolution Metrics Working Group, which is focused on developing metrics to measure and analyze the lifecycles of FOSS projects. Both projects are Community Health Analytics Open Source Software (CHAOSS) projects. CHAOSS is a Linux Foundation project focused on creating metrics and software to help define FOSS community health.

If you want to chat, debate, or just have a friendly conversation, feel free to shoot me an email. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the web!

Find me elsewhere online:

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