Heya! I’m Carter, but you may know me as Spacefiish. I’m a free/libre and open source software developer with way too many keyboard shortcuts. I enjoy any cup of coffee that’s at least “okay”, befriending cats, wandering around outside, and obsessing over music.

I recently graduated with a degree in Computer Science, and now I do data engineering for Gusto (we’re hiring!). Some of my technical interests & areas of expertise include data engineering & data science, networking and server administration, shell scripting and automation, building useful developer experiences, and (get ready for this one) writing thoughtful documentation. Basically, the more time I get to spend in my terminal, the better.

I know there’s not much on here right now, but if you want to chat, debate, or just have a friendly conversation, feel free to shoot me an email. Thanks for stopping by, and don’t forget to be kind today.

I don’t use social media, but here’s where else you can find me online:


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